Drawings and Approvals

As per the law of the land, there are a lot of approvals that you need to take before you start a business. It could either be an approval for office, restaurant, showrooms, etc.

There are a plethora of documents that you need to submit before you can establish a business here. This is where Winter Plus makes it extremely easy for its clients to procure all the approvals including: DIP approval, DMC approval, DMCA approval, Dubai Design District Approval, DIFC approval, RTA approval, CONCORDIA approval, DCCA approval and so on

Our skilled team is aware that the approval procedure for a developing venture in port are going to be a extremely troublesome task for greenhorn investors and customary people

We prepare all the required full set of drawings to the authorities and take approval on behalf of our clients with knowledge and experiences, our own expert designers and engineers will provide the best service and assistance. We are keen to keep on track and deliver what is expected on time.

Engineering Consultants in Dubai

We help you with the following Authority Approval: